Area Reviews and Restructuring

The process of area based reviews has now finished and a significant number of colleges around the country will be coming to terms with the prospect of applying for funding and implementing the agreed recommendations. AoC Create has developed a range of tailored services available for colleges to help with a full range of major change processes.

Tailored support services

No area review is the same and they will often involve skills seen outside a standard job requirement. Our dedicated teams are here to guide, develop and mentor your staff, providing them with the tools and confidence to strengthen and take your college forward.

To see the products we offer to colleges to support them through the area review phases, please click here.

Area review phases

To learn more details about how AoC Create can help during different phases of the area reviews, please click on the sections below:

Get in touch

If you need support through the area review process, get in touch with our area review team here.