Executive & Middle Management Recruitment

The Executive Recruitment team at AoC Create has an unrivalled track record in successfully recruiting senior leadership roles across post 16 education. Our experience in Executive Recruitment, combined with the breadth and depth of our knowledge of the Further Education sector, gives us unparalleled insight into the skillset required to lead colleges to sustainable futures.

Over the last two years we have worked with over 70 colleges at different stages of their journey to successfully recruit senior leaders.

We provide flexible, innovative solutions tailored specifically to each college’s requirements, while adding value to the selection process through impactful guidance and support. It is little wonder,
therefore, that the vast majority of our appointments come from repeat business and that we are seen as the “go-to” trusted recruitment partner in the FE sector.

Our Executive Recruitment team has rigorous processes, high quality systems and professional account teams in place to support every stage of a recruitment campaign or process. Find out more about our quality assurance procedures here.

The solutions below can be selected, individually or as a combined recruitment package, to offer a bespoke and tailored recruitment solution in order to meet your college’s specific recruitment needs.