Executive Coaching

Within many large organisations executive coaching is an essential part of talent management, performance improvement and succession planning.  Having a confidential coach to work with you to focus on key tasks, explore new approaches, acquire new skills and gain new perspective is a real bonus.  A good coach will challenge, motivate and support you.

Our Executive Coaching service is for individuals working within Further Education. The service is entirely confidential and we work with established and experienced coaches, some of whom have worked in the FE sector themselves and others with experience of the challenges of education and who work with leaders across a range of sectors.

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The relationship is at the heart of any good coaching experience. Therefore, we spend time carefully matching you to your prospective coach and the coaching process starts with an important chemistry call between you and your chosen coach to agree the coaching plan, the way you will work together and the skills and capabilities you want to develop to achieve success for yourself and your organisation.

You would like an Executive Coach? What next?

  • Contact our consultancy team for an initial phone conversation to understand your requirements
  • We will match your requirements with an Executive Coach and set up an initial chemistry call
  • On this initial call you will agree with your coach the plan, the key areas you would like to focus on and specific skills and capabilities.
  • We can confirm the coaching programme and will issue an agreement and invoice
  • Purchase of a coaching programme comprises of six one-to-one 90 minute coaching sessions. We recommend that the coaching programme is completed within six months to ensure maximum benefits of your coaching experience
  • Coaching sessions are confidential between client and coach. We will of course stay in regular contact to ensure the coaching programme is meeting your requirements.
  • There will also be a final evaluation of the coaching plan and the impact it has made for the individual and the organisation.

Our Exec Coaches are:

  • Carefully selected to join our network of coaches for AoC
  • They demonstrate extensive experience of coaching and hold appropriate qualifications

This coaching programme is available to all leaders and aspiring leaders working within FE.

Selecting the right coach  is an important and highly personal decision. We will work closely with you to identify suitable candidates. If you have any questions about our executive coaching service, get in touch with our consultancy team here or call 020 7034 2640