Teaching & Learning Support

During this period of significant change in FE the demands on colleges are ever more complex with colleges having to achieve more with tighter resources. This increase in competition brings with it with greater financial uncertainty plus a shift in purchasing power from government to employers. In essence a fast changing environment but one where the quality of teaching and learning in colleges is closely linked to its financial sustainability.  Is important to deliver high quality learning in order to attract investing employers, committed learners and good quality staff,  as well as to meet the rigour and requirements of Ofsted which is so closely linked to financial stability.

Ofsted support

In order to achieve high levels of quality and performance delivery it is vital to understand the reality of the  current position, to identify any areas of varying  levels of  quality and to agree the best  course of action to start the process of improvement.  We can work with you over a period of time to interpret your data, prioritise the areas for improvement, agree and implement the required action plan whether that is simply  to prepare for Ofsted or to plan and implement specific  improvements throughout the organisation to ensure long term stability and success.


The education landscape, as we currently know it, is moving forward at a rapid pace. Wholesale changes to Apprenticeships, expansion of the loan system, devolution of the Adult Education Budget and proposals to reform technical education, as set out in the Sainsbury review, mean that the FE sector needs to be proactive in order to maximise opportunities.

Either as an outcome of area review, or perhaps with the intention of re-aligning curriculum with the proposed 15 technical routes, the AoC Create Consultancy team can help. By performing a deep dive into curriculum we are able to facilitate a better understand the interface between supply and demand in a region’s key growth occupations or sectors. This type of approach is designed to enable providers to respond effectively to skills needs as well as delivering the best outcome for learners and promoting financial stability within the FE sector.

Finance and funding

Colleges obtain an average of 80% of their income from Government departments and agencies so they can offer provision to young people or adults with lower skills or on a subsidised basis, such as Apprenticeships. With pressure growing on funded provision and colleges facing a challenging future in terms of quality and a diversity of income our team can help. By providing staff with training on efficiency, including Lean and Six Sigma practices, our experts can deliver an overall health check and funding review that will enable longer term strategic planning and viability.

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