New GDPR Bespoke Support for Members & FE Colleges

AoC Create are now providing tailored GDPR support. This support will be provided in your college for Data Protection Officers, implementation teams and relevant staff teams. Our specialists are now working with individual colleges to ensure that they have successfully completed their data audits, are prepared for and implementing the newly enforced regulations and that they fully understand the impact of the new rules on staff and learners.

The new GDPR is now here and here to stay. Whilst we may start to hear less about “GDPR”, it will very much exist through its absorption into the Data Protection Act.

So, what now?

  • What do colleges do once they’ve put their governance in place?
  • What about those who are still struggling?

In order to ensure ongoing GDPR support and guidance, AoC is launching a new bespoke service for our member colleges, with regards to their data protection compliance. We hope that this will allow all of our members to springboard into compliance. We can provide you with tailored in-house training, workshops and ongoing cyber security support. The focus of our support is to help you to achieve effective data protection compliance and can also include the constant monitoring and reviewing of that compliance – Our members will be able to strategically maintain their compliance.

Cyber Security Support

As we herald the dawn of a new era in data protection we wish to also provide our members with ongoing cyber security support, to fend against the dangers of the ever-evolving cyber security threat landscape. We can support colleges as they navigate the gauntlet of cyber security risks and help to bring understanding of the effects on your college’s status of compliance.

Here at the AoC, we recognise that there is no “one size fits all”, which is why our new service will be tailored to your college’s specific compliance needs. Our developed framework, enables a detailed “micro training” approach that will empower and provide our colleges with the clarity needed to maintain compliance. Over the next few years, the pieces of the GDPR will constantly evolve and we aim to ensure that our members will receive the best possible support.