Excelling as a College Manager

A critical look at college management for middle managers

Building directly on the Entry to Management modules, this programme offers a deeper consideration of what excellent college management looks like, and discusses best practice from the sector.

Managing through change is an underlying theme throughout the programme, helping to make sense of the challenges you’re facing today. Each module is delivered over two days, allowing plenty of time for group work, lively discussion and in-depth learning. As with Entry to Management, the modules can be taken individually or as a full programme, allowing you to tailor your learning experience to your needs.

Excelling as a College Manager (currently being delivered as an in-house programme)

Module 1: Techniques for Managing People and Performance

Module 2: Maintaining and Improving Quality through Periods of Change

Module 3: Developing Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Inclusivity and Community Engagement

Module 4: Techniques for Building Resilient Individuals and Teams

We are currently delivering this an in-house training programme for up to 24 people. Learn more.

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